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To whom it may concern

We are proud to offer you high proffesional outsourcing services related to software developement, IT operations and graphic design. With wide range of services, starting with project management and bussines analysis, software developement and IT services operations, we are able to handle complete projects lifecycle, planning, design, implementation, post-implementation support and maintenance. Our staff consists of educated people with various skills, permanently employed and hired as freelancers on a per-project and demand-driven basis. Outsourcing possibilities we offer are given with more detail in the following sections:

Software development

Application software

We are developing enterprise level applications based on J2EE technology, services, web applications and Android mobile applications. Technologies commonly in use:

• Java, EJB3, Web Services, Jms (HornetQ)

• JBoss application server

• Jasper reporting engine, Jasper server community edition

• Persistence layer, Hibernate and OrmLite for Android

• Android, services, web services – ksoap2, rest, Google buffer protocol

• Json, xml

• Google Web Toolkit, smart GWT

• MySQL - Percona cluster engine, MogoDB (noSQL database)

• Swing desktop applications

• Eclipse, svn, git

Systems software development

• Low-level Linux based specialized software

• Embedded Linux and MCU based software
• Fusion of experience with highly-available software solution and embedded, multithreaded and real-time systems for selected projects

IT operations and support

• Design, Installation and maintenance of Linux based servers
• High available fault tolerant servers setup
• MySQL clustering, MongoDB replica set and “sharding”, load balancing
• IP networks, VPN design and maintenance

Graphic design

• Modern - Eye Catching graphic design
• Adobe creative suite tools


• To establish transparent communication with clients we use Trac (Project management and bug/issue tracking system)
• Internally, we use SVN and GIT for source control.
• SCRUM as agile software development method.
Bizon IT & Design